2015 Demo is out!

Damn. 2015 is here. I seriously can't understand where the time is going, it's going by WAY too fast. I hope you all had a great time for Christmas and New Year :)

So, on to this years demo!
This years demo is a bit special, in fact, I'm calling it "Out of Time" and it's an EP consisting of 3 tracks. Due to being busy with school and meh motivation, these tracks are pretty much everything I've produced this year, except for some tracks for some games in school. The highlight is definitely track 2, "Galaxius" which to me is the best I've ever made. I decided for the funsies to send it off to some digital stores as well, but of course I will provide them for free as well.

FLAC here!
MP3 320 here!
Listen to it on Spotify!
Listen on iTunes / Apple Music!
Listen on Google Play!
Will also be available on Deezer & Tidal.

Also, I feel like I need to mention that I do not set the prices, nor am I expecting to earn anything out of it. I just thought It'd be funny, and handy in case anyone using any of the above services wanted to listen.

Enjoy, and if you do take a listen, I'd love to hear what you think, feel free to drop me a line!
Happy new year :)

About me

Hello! I'm Shadowfied!

I'm a 22 year old web developer & gamer from Sweden.

I've been messing with web dev since 2013, but got into it more seriously in 2016.

I've been making videos since 2006, and music since 2007. Check out the YouTube & Bandcamp links below. I've been interested in the creation of music, movies, videos and pictures etc for as long as I can remember.