New site!


Recently I've been doing quite a bit of web development, and after accumulating a bunch of new skills, I realized how awful my old design was, so the other day I re-wrote the entire site from scratch.

I'm really happy with the outcome. It's very clean and sleek, and the source is much cleaner and better optimized :)

If you wanna see what else I've done, check the "Smashery" in the "Stuff" page above! :)


About me

Hello! I'm Shadowfied!

I'm a 22 year old web developer & gamer from Sweden.

I've been messing with web dev since 2013, but got into it more seriously in 2016.

I've been making videos since 2006, and music since 2007. Check out the YouTube & Bandcamp links below. I've been interested in the creation of music, movies, videos and pictures etc for as long as I can remember.