Shadowfied’s PropHunt

Welcome to Shadowfied’s PropHunt! This is a fresh and customized PropHunt server with tons of custom content.

– Custom weapons – Proper permanent weapons – Custom playermodels – LOADS of custom taunts – Working jump pack – Permanent weapons in shop


6 November 2017

– Added 24 new prop taunts – Increased max players to 32 since the server has been full recently, we’ll see how this works

15 February 2017

– Added Jotaro playermodel

14 February 2017

– Added Neptune playermodel – Added Compa playermodel – Added Blanc playermodel – Added Chino Kafuu playermodel

13 February 2017

Server is slowly coming back to life!

– Respawn admin command added! – Unstuck command added! (Type !unstuck) – New taunts

12 February 2017

O shit wadup. Is it coming back?

30 March 2014

Server is down again, we’re having some problems with the host. We might have suffered a data loss, and if this is the case, the server might now return, the server is currently in rescue mode, and chances are we will get all files & the server back, in this case, the server will return to normal asap! Thanks for your patience.

22 March 2014

Server is back online! I managed to get the error fixed. So sorry for the downtime! Hope to see you all on the server! In celebration of the return, I’ll be adding some new things to the server!

10 March 2014

Server is having an error preventing me from opening the server. Have contacted the server admin, until I get help, I will not be able to launch the server, sorry to say..

4 March 2014

– It’s a new week, which means new Player of the Week! This weeks player is “Skwiiz” who has been very active on the server (as you can see in the top 10) lately and has helped taking care of the server a lot. This weeks skin is “Slenderman” which will be given for free to Skwiiz asap and will only be available to him until next week. – Boba Fett is now available for anyone to purchase

24 February 2014

– Today is monday, which means new Player of the Week! This weeks player is “Herbstsalat”, not just a loyal player, but also a great person who has been helping me out a lot and has been very active on the server. Congrats! – This weeks PotW skin is “Boba Fett” which has been added and will be given to the PotW as soon as possible. – Last weeks PotW-model (Trevor from GTA V) is now available for all players to purchase! – “Caretaker” group added – this is like a small version of moderator, I will promote some players that I trust to this group so they can help me out, and this is something that I need, as the server has had a pretty damn impressive amount of players recently, which I am very happy about, so thank you all for playing and enjoying the server, and thanks for helping me manage it!

17 February 2014

– Added a new ULX command for admins & moderator called “iplist” which let us easily see IPs of all connected players, allowing us to spot ghosters on the same network easier. – Now that the server has been running pretty much flawlessly for over a week, we’ve began the “Player of the Week” event. Read above if you missed it. This weeks player, AshleyAnthrax, was going to be chosen a few weeks back, but due to problems with the server, we never got the Player of the Week idea going. – Fixed the auto taunt script, props should no longer automatically taunt when a new round starts.

13 February 2014

– Added auto taunt system (developed exclusively for the server by [Infa] jkush321)

11 February 2014

– Added “ENGLISH MOTHER FUCKER DO YOU SPEAK IT” taunt (requested by Herbstsalat) – Added 3 “Look at my horse” taunts – Added “IMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR” taunt (requested by archie-96) – Added Metal Gear Alert sound effect taunt (requested by Don Loket) – Added “Shiniest Meat bicycle” taunt – Added “Conductor of the poop train” taunt – Added Lara Croft playermodel to the PointShop

7 February 2014

– Removed the “RATATATATATATATATATAT” taunt that was 20 seconds long and drove everyone insane – Added “SURPRISE MOTHAFUCKA” taunt for hunters (requested by Mezido) – Added “MAGNETS! YEAH MAGNETS” taunt (requested by Mezido) – TIMER GLITCH HAS BEEN FIXED! I’ve been working really hard the last couple of days to find out what has been causing the infamous “timer glitch” – and it seems that we’ve finally found it. The Doom 3 weapon files caused it and have therefore been removed.

2 February 2014

– Upgraded FastDL server to 1 Gigabit as well. Downloads will now be much quicker and will be able to let more users download quickly simultaneously.

Scroll to the bottom for links to all taunts – Added A Team Theme taunt – Added “WHERE’S THE BABY” taunt – Added Barbie Girl 1 taunt – Added Barbie Girl 2 taunt – Added “You touch my ding ding dong” taunt – Added Francis Hates Google Plus Remix (DICK DICK DICK) taunt – Added “Living in the Sunlight” taunt – Added MOMMYMOMMYMOMMY taunt – Added Nikouli Makouli taunt – Added Hatsune Miku Popipo taunt – Added PAPAPA POWER (Old Spice) taunt – Added Puddi Puddi taunt – Added Epic Sax Guy taunt – Added “YEAH MR WHITE, YEAH SCIENCE” taunt – Added Trololo taunt – Added Witch Doctor taunt

31 January 2014

– Added Harley Quinn playermodel – Added The Joker playermodel – Added Predator playermodel – Added “Raven Warrior” playermodel – Added V playermodel 30 January 2014

– Added !unstuck / !stuck command! (Thanks Ashley!) – Made another version of the “Super Jump Pack” as well called “Jet Pack” which will allow you to fly really high by holding the jump button – Fixed the “Jump Pack” and renamed it “Super Jump Pack” – if you have this item you can hold the jump button to fly a little bit – The PointShop Pistol now works and gives you 200 bullets to reload with! – Removed AR2 Secondary Ammo for now, might come back if I can find a way to fix the exploit it brought – Added forceswap command, allowing Admins and Moderators to force players to the other team – Added ftaunt command, allowing Admins and Moderators to force players to taunt (will be used on players who do not taunt) – Added “Batman” playermodel – Added “Yuki Yuki” taunt for props as requested by Skwiiz – Added “Get to the choppa” taunt for props as requested by someone – Added “YOU AM NO SUPERSAND” taunt for props as requested by [IFG]Stillman – Made a list on this site with all custom taunts on the server as requested by Genova. Scroll down to see it!

28 January 2014

– Fixed all playermodels. They will no longer appear untextured (purple & black) for some players. – Fixed taunt sounds. It should be possible to be able to localize props by listening where their taunts are coming from.

27 January 2014

– Added “Hatsune Miku” playermodel for the PointShop – Added “Master Chief” playermodel for the PointShop – Added 4 Resident Evil playermodels for the PointShop – Added “Lich King” playermodel for the PointShop – Added a bunch of new commands including !thirdperson to toggle third and first-person perspective

Custom Taunts:

Hunter Taunts:


“I will find you”:

“I HAVE YOU NOW!” – Darth Vader:

Surprise Mothafucka:

“I can smell you”:


Prop Taunts:

Ashens Hello – First 3 seconds:

Angry Video Game Nerd “This Is Fucked Beyond Belief” – 9:40 –

She Freaking Blocked Me Song:

Lucky Charms Remix:

Get To The Choppa:

Cmaon Lee:

You Think Darkness Is Your Ally:

Rainbow Dash Dun Dun Duuun:

Oh Fluttershy, You’re Such A Loudmouth:

Fluttershy “I’m So Frustrated I Could Just Scream”:

Fluttershy “I’d Like To Be A Tree”:

“Erhm nope..It’s just me, Gabe Newell!”:

“Du är homosexuell” (You are a homosexual) (From a Swedish prank call):

Joseph Beat Box (1:20):

Kitty Cat 1 and 2:

DE E NAJS (It is nice) (Swedish meme):

Nananananan Batman:

“Neeej” (Noo) (Swedish meme) (0:34):

“Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That”:

Rainbow Octagon:

Pokémon Gotta Catch ‘Em All (Ending):

Quagmire Giggity Giggity 1:

Quagmire Giggity Giggity 2:

Chocolate Rain:

Snooper Mario Land:

Suit Up:

It’s Summer, I Got My Hat On Backwards And It’s Time To Fucking Party:


“I Like Trains”:

“I Like Trains” Song:

“Smoke Weed Everyday”:

Yuki Yuki:

“Where’s the baby? THERE HE IS!”:


Living in the Sunlight:


Puddi Puddi:

Nikouli Makouli:

Witch Doctor (Oh Eh Oh Ah Ah):

Hatsune Miku Popipo:

Epic Sax Guy: Although if you like Epic Sax Guy, listen to THIS ONE, made by a good friend of mine.

A Team Theme:


Barbie Girl (2 taunts):



English Motherfucker Do You Speak It:

Look At My Horse:


Shiniest Meat Bicycle:

Metal Gear Alert Sound:

Conductor of the Poop Train:

And that’s the list…phew..that was a pain in the ass…hehe