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Shadow Ramble – Resident Evil 7

Disclaimer: This article does not feature what I would personally consider spoilers, but since the definition of a spoiler is subjective, I’d urge you to play the game yourself before reading. So Resident Evil 7 dropped the other week, and as with any modern CapCom release, I had my doubts. I had no expectations when

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Shadow Ramble – Web Development

For some reason, I love doing web development. I also hate it, because HTML and CSS make no sense, and everything you do feels like a workaround to get a desired effect.Horizontally centering an object is done through;margin: 0 auto;Which means “no margins for top and bottom, but compute the margin for left and right”,

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Shadow Ramble РPokémon Sun and Moon Demo

Hiya! I just thought I’d write a bit about my opinion on the Sun and Moon demo that was released yesterday. I was against the idea of a demo at all, and after playing it, I still am. To me, a demo is just a hype kill, at least in cases like this. We all

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