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We all suck – modern web dev ramble

HELLO!!! It’s been a while. Once again. Heck, I’m never gonna get consistent. When we do something we always progress and get better. What was once our best work and pride will at some point, if you continue, be shit. We just need to reach the point where we realize it. Your song sucks. Your

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Site additions

Time sure flies. It feels like it’s only been weeks since I initially made this site, but no, it’s been almost a year. I hope you’re all well. Personally, I’m sitting at home with a cold and slight fever while writing this. I really hope I’m well again for the weekend. School wears on you,

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Site improvements

If you’ve been to my site earlier, you should hopefully notice that the design has been substantially improved. I thought it was time to brush up on my HTML and CSS “skills”, and I also learnt some basic jQuery for some nice effects, such as the expand button you just clicked. 🙂 Other improvements include

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